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    Fluene's Lv60 Weapon Lottery!


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    Fluene's Lv60 Weapon Lottery! Empty Fluene's Lv60 Weapon Lottery!

    Post  Fluene on Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:21 am

    Hello! It's FlueneFade here with a lottery style giveaway! I will be giving a randomly selected, eligible guildie a Lv60 weapon based on their class and preferred armament! The purpose of the event is to promote leveling of the lower level players and to get the winner up to the standards of Lv60 raiding.

    The prizes are:
    Karok: Stoneshell Cestus / Dreamfollower Pillar
    Evie: Scythe of Caresses / Dreamwalker Staff
    Lann: Stoneshell Twin Swords / Braid Tassel Twin Spears
    Fiona: Dreamwalker Longsword / Shining Clap
    Kai: Dreamwalker Bow / Titan Crossgun
    Vella: Stoneshell Twin Swords

    Prize may be of equal or higher quality to two stars, equal or greater enhancement of +0, and will be clean or have a non-binding, rewritable scroll on it.

    To be eligible you must be Lv50 or higher and I will not pick you if you already own a weapon of equal or greater power.

    You're a Lv56 Vella with +5 Ivory Swords. You are eligible.
    You're a Lv66 Lann with Fomorian Command blades. You are eligible.
    You're a Lv60 Kai with a Stoneshell Bow. You cannot participate due to having a better bow, and not being in need of my help.
    You're a Lv45 Karok. You cannot participate until you prove to me that you are committed enough to hit Lv50.
    You're a Lv56 Evie with a +13 Taonu Scythe. You cannot participate despite having a low level weapon because it is enhanced to surpass a +0 Lv60 weapon.

    That being said, if you are interested in entering, please leave the IGN of one of your characters as well as the type of weapon you want.

    If you have any questions you may reply here or ask me directly in game! Cool


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    Fluene's Lv60 Weapon Lottery! Empty Re: Fluene's Lv60 Weapon Lottery!

    Post  Strife on Thu May 02, 2013 11:12 pm

    Radical ^^ although this would work waaayyy better when the forums livelihood picks up. Haha, we can totally save this as an event idea though!

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